• Chris Moon

    Going the extra mile

    Presale recently retained Chris Moon as a Resilience Sales Trainer providing sales managers and sales reps with key tactics on resilience strategies for ambitious above budget sales targets.

    Chris Moon walks the talk. Having survived kidnap and a landmine blast, Chris draws on his extraordinary experiences to help people and organisations do what they do, better. Despite losing two limbs, Chris has completed many of the world's toughest marathons and ultra distance races, climbed mountains, written books, and carried the Olympic Flame. He knows all about 'going the extra mile'.

    Chris has a passion for achievement. As an Achievement Consultant and Keynote Speaker, he partners with clients around the world. By sharing his knowledge of leadership, mindset, and motivation, Chris Moon helps clients develop their capability to push beyond the horizon.

    Read all about him at www.chrismoon.co.uk or contact Jim Stewart on 0870 382 0250 to find out how resilience strategies can help your business.