• The Retail Gap

    Gap in the market

    Presale is now a strategic partner of the retail gap which (amongst other assignments) is hosting a series of events in London during June 2011 - including showcasing the latest augmented reality application for mobile phones in a retail sales environment.

    The Retail Gap was formed to help retail businesses develop strong, and protected, strategies for growth.

    We are not one company. We are a collective of specialist companies who work together to bring the best skills, people and expertise to our clients – on a local, national and international basis.

    Our business model is based on flexibility, so it makes sense to engage with our clients in the same way. Put very simply, we believe in bringing together the right people with the right skills to generate the right outcome. We adjust our team to suit each individual client and each individual project. Our clients engage with as many (or as few) of our companies as they need.

    Although our engagement differs from project to project, all of our work is based upon three core principles:

    • Integrity & Trust

    • Flexibility

    • Connecting People

    Visit www.theretailgap.com/our-people/jim-stewart/ or contact Jim Stewart on 0870 382 0250 to find out how we can help you fill that gap in the market.