• mCommerce

    Dial 'M' for...

    ...mCommerce as PreSale co-host the third annual London supper event on 26 March 2012 in conjunction with The Retail Gap, which this year focuses on the major retail trend of the moment and is proving to be our most popular topic to-date.

    In this private event we will be joined by several industry experts who will give their thoughts on the challenges and opportunites presented by mCommerce in today's market. The Retail Gap was formed to help retail businesses address the challenges they face as they grow. We are not one company. We are a network of companies and individuals who have significant experience in retail and who work together to bring the best skills, people and expertise to our clients.

    For further information about The Retail Gap visit www.theretailgap.com/our-people/jim-stewart/ or contact Jim Stewart on 0870 382 0250 to find out how we can help you fill that gap in the market.