• Goal!

    Measuring success

    How do you measure success? It sounds like an easy question... but what's your answer?

    A spate of emails and awards announcements brought the question to mind. For many people success equals money - cold hard cash in the bank. Others can be altruistic about their business - giving away more than they charge for. There are even those who believe success is about having their name in the headlines.

    The truth is there is no right answer, no one can define success for you but, before you invest time and effort into applications or submissions, take a moment to think about your measure of success.

    Plaudits and applause can be a real boost, especially if they reflect your ambitions. If not, you've a bit more work ahead to align what you want with what you're doing. And that's a real achievement!

    Extract from an interview with entrepreneurial guru Amanda Boyle for No Waffle.

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